Query instructions

To look for a fictitious name, please enter either the business name (and, if you wish, the city or county) OR the permit number. Only permits which are renewed and current or in delinquent status will be displayed. Canceled permits will not appear. Fictitious names which appear in the search and are considered similar to a proposed name will not be approved.

If you choose to "match any part" of the name, all fictitious names with the entered word(s) will appear. For example, when entering the word "pathology," all fictitious name permits with the word pathology will appear. If you choose not to match any part of the name, only names which begin with the word pathology will appear. If you're not sure of the business name, partial names can be used to locate permits. For example, if you think the business name starts with the word "pathology," but don't know the rest of the name, you can enter the letters "path." The system will search for any permits which either begin with or contain those letters, depending upon whether or not you have chosen to match part of the name.

You also may enter other criteria to help narrow down a search. For example, if you want to find all of the permits with the word "pathology" which are located in the city of Los Angeles, enter "path" in the business name box and "Los Angeles" in the city box. Then click on Find. All the current fictitious names located in Los Angeles containing the letters "path" will be displayed.